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The Obligatory Overview of 2008

For those who do not know the drill, I have written small reflections at the closing of the year since 2005...and while it never tells me anything new, I find it helps me focus and regroup before embarking on another trip around the sun.


Music: The Brunettes - Her Hairagami set
Got suspended from Y! on account of a crossposted meme. Met Julian and got aquainted with Gabe. Stircrazy, anxious, and disjointed. Had a night terror. Family intervened, got my own apartment close to PNCA.


Music: Safri Duo - Everything
Destroyed my own printer. Turned 23. Visiting Hunter becomes more of a pain than a pleasure. Some drunk people give me a Beer while out on a walk, and upon opening my mail, I get a pack of cigrettes. I put them up on my shelf.


Music: Ed Allyne Johnson - Orange
Tackled The Door, an art project in Sculpture that scared me. I become modestly internet famous on a website for girly manporn. I spend a lot of time elbow deep in plaster.


Music: Gipsy Kings - Hotel California
Lost my keys to my apartment, thought them lost, found them a week later in the weirdest place imaginable. I now have two sets of keys to my apartment, with different keys for different things. Got cold feet and removed some things off Y!Gallery on account of being Modestly Internet Famous.


Music: Johnny Cash - Ghost Riders in the Sky
Spent a lot of time watching people and falling in love with PNCA. Got mistaken for a boy while on a walk. I miss drawing girls.


Music: Ludo - Lake Pontchartrain
Hunter shaves his head: I begin to seriously chafe in the relationship I have with him, and start avoiding him. I have a dream about massive change and a shift in another direction. I RP a lot.


Music: Stuart Davis - Inventions
Life kinda happens all over the place: not many logs were made at this time. I think bedbugs were involved, and fumigations. And uncomfortable old futon mattresses. I meet Dean, Aka Hobbit. I Roleplay like a DEMON with Fish, end up with about 24 chapters of silly and crack and smut.


Music: Happy Rhodes - Till' The Dawn Breaks
I hang out with my family down south, bump into a couple old friends down there, and gain a LOT of perspective on where I am in life, revisiting old belongings. I draw like it's going out of style and end up with about ten pages of...well, stuff from a single chapter out of the epic in my head. I turn out to be decent at Bowling: this comes as a surprise, because last time, I sucked. I spend a night doing gesture drawings of Strippers for my friend Justin's birthday. Things get distant with Hunter.


Music: Butterfly Boucher - A Beautiful Book
I scramble into school a week late, manage to start classes, spend a while playing catch-up. I have a silly dream concerning my characters. I meet Liz and Charlie; I begin talking on AIM with Crane. I realize to my astonishment that on top of being ridiculously internet famous, I also have a lot of online friends....some of which I am neglecting. I get myself kicked out of the City Zoo as an art project, for smuggling in contraband balloons. I become friends with a girl named Andrea.


Music: Thom Yorke - Analyse
I attempt to crawl back onto Livejournal. It doesn't take. October is a whirlwind of School and drama between me and Hunter, who I finally break up with. I have an apocalyptic dream, and find a bunch of reminders as to why I love my school. Hunter cuts himself. I get PISSED. I smear charcoal all over myself in front of my peers to attempt performance art over my recent breakup and feelings of isolation and anger concerning Hunter. I Refuse to get Depressed. Andrea gives me hugs, and I feel a little less isolated. I talk with Liz and Fish and Charlie on a regular basis.


Music: Kaiser Chefs - Never Miss a Beat (Run Hide Survive Remix)
Obama wins the elections. This is relevant to me because I get hugged by a bunch of people I don't know, and it relieves the fact that I haven't really touched people in a while. I see silly things at the grocery stores. I have thanksgiving with my family for the first time in seven years and remember how much I love them. I spend most of the visit -touching- things: people, animals, objects. I get a new printer. I write smut, and find myself musing a lot on the nature of where I want to take my work.


Music: Al Viola - Sad Song
I use my internet popularity to create one last project in the same class that got me kicked out of a zoo and imitating a chimney sweep. I befriend Rah, and start talking with her on a regular basis. I bump into Hunter during a walk, who seems to have stabilized. Finals end with me barely squeaking by at the last Possible moment. I get snowed in, draw a lot of fluff on index cards, and spend at least two weeks in a flurry of social interaction: I post some old things back up on Y!, Show a lot of work to my family, get their approval, and handle myself extremely ungracefully when approached by the aunt who helped me in the beginning of the year with an illustration project I was not crazy about. I still...await....the storm.

*sigh* We create our own Karma...This year was a feat of strength, and it was also completely worth the effort. In retrospect, I took a lot of risks and had a blast. I hope to do even more of the same next year...after a good nap and some rest. I keep getting cranky, and it makes me do stupid things I regret later. I also learned how bad I am at managing my own time, and while I was very productive, I found it very easy to lose focus and let myself get derailed...and neglect things, or stress out about neglecting things I could have figured out and approached with far more grace had I plotted things out.

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