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And life got busy again.

Wednesday: Hung out with

dmarling 's friend Kenny, his friend, and[info]anonymous_bosh , fleeing the boiling heat of Portland and retreating to a lovely swimming spot which, while somewhat of a climb down, was worth the effort, and basically spent the day running around naked.  Always a win situation, in my humble opinion.  Also watched Young Einstein, and realizing to my amusement that I probably don't even need to write Maven: Yahoo Serious already beat me to several different character archetypes back in the eighties.  Darn Aussies! XD


Thursday: Stayed with dmarling and [info]anonymous_bosh because I didn't want to broil alive in my own apartment, which is situated above a restaurant kitchen and faces the sunrise, with all windows on one side of the space, preventing ventilation unless you're willing to keep the door wide open.  One of these days I know I braved that place to do laundry, laying all of my wet clothing out to dry on the floor with startling success, and said hello to all of my neighbors, who were out on the front stoop with a sprinkler going and lots of cold beer.  We met up with some of Rah's fans at a coffee joint, and the encounter was lovely but for a man with a chemical imbalance who tried to impart upon us the meaning of the universe through movies.  


Friday: Stayed the night at Rah and Dean's again, woke up early so I could be picked up by my family and take the trek down to the family reunion.  Drove down with cousins, napped in car, was a little disappointed that my brother wasn't present due to it being fire season, and he's a firefighter, but he showed up after dinner covered in soot, and apparently he's good to stay, because he's still here.  Went fly-fishing with him and older cousin Alex, which was fantastic. Only one tiny trout caught, and No Bats....though the low-fliers did try to steal the bait off the lines as they arced through the air. Lovely seeing grandma and grandpa again, stayed up late talking to grandpa again.

Saturday: Woke up earlier than I usually do, but I'm still kinda exhausted thanks to the heat in Portland making it impossible to get decent sleep, so I napped through most of the day.  Feel a lot more awake, and a lot cooler.  More cousins arrived and the house got stocked in preparation for more relatives to come down in the next couple days. AND OH BY THE WAY EPIC THUNDERSTORM OF DOOM THAT KNOCKED OUT INTERNET FOR SEVERAL HOURS.


Life, is good.  Will update as I can, as I usually do for Family reunions...but I think this year I'd like to actually try being a part of everything, instead of out on the margins.

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