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I woke up at a reasonable hour, left my bed, MADE my bed, made tea. Took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on new clothes, and smiled at the guy I saw in the mirror. He had hilarious bedhead, but he smiled back. A few days ago, I cleaned my apartment to the point where it looked like someone else lives here. I threw out a metric assload of stuff I no longer need, and I know where absolutely everything I own is.

I spent a few hours writing and drawing for my Monday Class's final project until I went to my therapy session. I'm proud of how it's coming out, and I'm already thinking ahead to projects I want to do.

I came back home briefly to fetch the drum I made for my Math Class's 'Gateway Drum' project, and we had our first drumming circle. I have blisters on my fingers and my palms are glowing. I kinda want to get out my broom and see if I can't get it tighter. It's a simple pine ashiko drum, and I made it with my own hands.

And then I came back home and drew some more. My pants are covered in pastel dust and my hands are stained with ink.

...I had a good day. This happens rarely enough that it merits recording. I don't want to jinx it, but...I feel like I'm Back. And I'm okay. I'm honest to god okay.

I'll provide a bigger update soon, but right now?


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