K. G. Schmidt (grimmalkin) wrote,
K. G. Schmidt

Moving on.

 I've been thinking of doing this since January of this year, but I haven't actually gotten around to making the official switch until just now:

I'm retiring this particular journal account.  It's seen me through some of the hardest and strangest times in my life, and so I'm not deleting it.  I'll keep it up as a tribute and an archive of my own growth, but I won't be using it anymore.  

I know there are a lot of names and people who watch me here, but kind of linger in the background.  If you're still interested in keeping an eye on me, please DO go to aetherbox and leave a comment, and I'll friend you there.  Comments'll be screened for privacy purposes. I won't be burned if a lot of names fall away, but this is just...kinda where I'm at right now.  Call it rebuilding from scratch. *grins* 


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